"Jólakötturinn" is the Christmas Cat in Iceland. He is not a nice cat. He might eat you! See, in many Icelandic families, those who finished all their work on time receive new clothes for Christmas; those who were lazy did not (although this is mainly a threat). To encourage children to work hard, their parents told the tale of the Christmas Cat, saying that Jólakötturinn could tell who the lazy children were because they did not have at least one new item of clothing for Christmas, and they would be sacrificed to the Christmas Cat. This reminder tends to spur children into doing their chores! A poem written about the cat ends with a suggestion that children help out the needy, so they, too, can have the protection of new clothing. It’s no wonder that Icelanders put in more overtime at work than most Europeans. This is a very special Xmas Dinner Party, inspired by the idea of being lazy and not having the fear of heading up north, embracing danger, dark weather and exquisite food: Portuguese fishermen hunting in the Baltic, French hunters fishing in Canada, and the American Way of Interior Design popping up all around.

Chef Rø feat. GATA

Glögi [suomalainen vin épicé]

Codfish consomé w/ cilantro & walnuts pesto

Octopus confit w/ garlic velouté

Potatoes à la boulangère
Port-glazed shallots
3 Cabbages salad w/ moutarde aux raisins

Arborio blood orange brûlée w/ chestnut foam